Customer Decisions

Customer Decisions

There are a wide variety of mounts and poses to choose from, and every mount is as unique as the animal itself.  We have many photo albums at the shop to illustrate your options and help you make the right decision.  But here are some things to think about:

1. Where are you going to display your trophy?  Is it going to be high, low, or sit at eye level?  You’ll want to make sure the head of the mount faces into the room and looks where you want it., so we’ll adjust the head attitude and turn to match your specifications   (Note: it’s best to avoid displaying your mount in direct sunlight to avoid fading).

2. How much space to you have?  For large mammals, you’ll need to choose between one of four basic types of mounts:

a. Life size

b. Pedestal mount

c. Wall pedestal mount

d. Shoulder mount

3. How would you like the mount to be posed?  There are countless options here.  Visiting our showroom and reviewing our photo albums of finished mounts can help you make a choice, but you can also bring in pictures of your own from wildlife photos or other mounts.  Your mount can be positioned in a “sneak” position, alert, semi-upright, in an action position, walking down/up, etc.  We can also recommend the right pose to help you mask any defects on the animal.

4. What kind of base do you want?  All bases are custom-built to suit the tastes and budget of each customer.   They can be simple or complicated using materials that are bought or gathered.  If you have something you’d like incorporated into the base, bring it along and let’s discuss it.

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