Cost and Timing


Many things impact the cost of mounting your trophy, and the best way to get an idea of the cost is to call or stop by the shop and tell me what you have and what you want to do with it. 

The two variables that drive cost are materials and labor.  For example, a shoulder mounted of a deer generally takes about 12 hours of labor from start to finish, while a life-sized mammal takes from 20-50 hours of labor or much more depending on the animal and the number of fittings and alterations required to achieve the finished product.  Materials include the form or manikin to be used, as well as paints, glues, and other supplies for both the mount and its base.


The time to delivery of your final mount also varies based on the complexity and type of animal.

Based on the season, availability of materials, and the tannery workload, it generally takes from 4-8 months for all the work on your mount to be complete.  But that number can vary a great deal. For example, fish and birds don’t have to be sent out for tanning like the hides of mammals to, which cuts many weeks (or even months!) off the delivery time.


When you bring in your trophy, I’ll give you an estimate on both timing and cost.  Some of the variables that I consider are:

Breed and size of the animal

Body position of the mount, which determines whether a basic form can be ordered from stock, modified from stock, or must be custom-built

Base size and complexity

I will ask for a 1/3 deposit at the time the order is taken in, with the balance due on completion. Delivery and installation are available as needed, but may incur additional fee based on size and distance.

You can call anytime for an update or with additional questions.  Otherwise, I’ll contact you when your mount is ready for pickup.

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